3D Radiographic Imaging

Our cone beam computed Tomography (CBCT) by Carestream Dental is the CS 9300--- their newest machine on the market. This system delivers an unprecedented level of detail providing anatomically correct images that allow us to confidently diagnose and treat our patients. This 3-D system generates clear images that are important for the proper planning and treatment of implants, extractions, facial trauma, orthognathic surgery, TMJ disorders, and dental pathology.

Our 3-D system provides views of the jaw, teeth and facial bones along with cross sectional (bucco-lingual), axial coronal, sagittal, cephalometric and panoramic views. With this technology, we can perform a wide range of diagnoses and treatments right from the comfort of our office, rather than referring patients to an imaging center. This reduces the need for multiple visits, prevents rescheduling issues, and enhances our ability for patient care. And through revolutionary one-shot technology, image acquisition takes less than a second---thereby reducing exposure time for the patient.   

Offering this 3-D technology is yet another way we show our patients we are dedicated to the best care and treatment options available.

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