Frequently asked questions

Q: Considering Fat Injection

How long does it take recover after having fat injected in the face as opposed to using a filler like Juvederm?

A: Recovery from Using Fat as a Filler

Facial fat grafting is a great procedure for both facial rejuvenation and facial reshaping. The recovery period is fairly quick and easy because there are no incisions in the face or donor area that require healing except for a tiny incision to both harvest and inject the fat. The majority of bruising in the face when using an HA filler such as Juvederm is much less when you use your own fat cells. Typically, we see very little bruising when we use fat as a filler. Arnica tablets may help with bruising but do not place anything frozen on the grafted area because you may damage the fragile fat cells. When we use fat as a filler vs. other HA fillers on the market, we are seeing longer lasting results that tend to look more natural on our patients.

Q: I have deep line between brows and decided to use Botox. The line has softened but it is still visible. Is there anything else that can be done?

A: Check with your doctor to see if more BOTOX® could help.

If adding a bit more Botox is not going to get rid of the lines and give you your desired results, a combination approach may be necessary. Mild wrinkles may smooth out after a single session, but deeper wrinkles can take more time (and more product) to improve. If the lines you are still seeing are there at rest on your face without making facial expression to see them, they may need some dermal filler added to the lines after the Botox has kicked in. Anti-aging treatments are a process, and sometimes a combination approach delivers the best results.

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